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320Type VFFS Vertical Liquid Packing Machine

  • Model: HYVF-320L
  • Suitable to pack: liquid, cream, gel, sauce
  • Sealing method: Backside Sealing, Three-sided, Four-sided,
Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic LIQUID packaging machine Technical Description
Automatic packaging machine for bagged liquid is the main equipment of bagged liquid production line. This machine consists of film feeding and feeding system, traction mechanism, heat sealing and cutting device, filling mechanism, etc., all of which are made of stainless steel, and meet the requirements of food production. Each process is accurately completed by PLC control center through touch screen according to design requirements. It is equipped with automatic film deviation adjustment device, film length measurement adjustment device, multi-pass sterilization treatment, high filling precision, unique sanitary and firm sealing. Adopt computer program man-machine interface. Easy to operate.
By using piston cylinder measuring method, it can pack all kinds of liquid.

Machine features:

1) This machine can automatically complete bag making, quantitative filling, sealing, cutting, counting, coding and other processes, and can be customized according to customer requirements. 2) Manipulator bag pulling, stable performance and convenient adjustment. 3) 304 stainless steel is used for the whole contact parts and casing, which meets the food and drug hygiene license standards. Can be matched with ultraviolet sterilization. 4) The metering method adopts plunger volume pump filling metering, with simple adjustment and accurate metering. 5) The advanced design ensures that the machine is suitable for different industries, and it is very convenient to adjust, operate and maintain. And can be matched with various automatic metering devices at home and abroad.

6) Economical price, suitable for both big and small manufacturers.

Main Technical Data    
Pouch length
Packing range
100-500, 100-1000ml 
Pouch width
Packing capacity
Packing accuracy
Power supply
AC220V/110V, Single phase. Globally customized
Roll film material
Sealing method
Edge side, back side
Net weight
Machine size

Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic liquid packaging machine pictures

HYVF-320L VFFS Liquid Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L Vertical Forming Filling Sealing Liquid Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Cooking Oil Pouch Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Water Pouch Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Milk Bag Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Soy Sauce Bag Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Liquid Pouch Packing Machine.jpg

Product conveyor and collection device

Vertical packing machine product conveyor and collection device

HYVF-320L Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic liquid packing machine is suitable for below pouch samples
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22070702 HYVF-320L VFFS Liquid Bag Packing Machine.jpg
HYVF-320L VFFS Liquid Packing Machine Application.jpg
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