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Automatic Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine

  • Max Speed:5m/min, 6m/min
  • Sealing method:Continuous sealing
 LX6000A Automatic Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine


Automatic desktop continuous electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machines are the latest products with artificial intelligence and dual cooling systems developed by our company. They are especially suitable for occasions of different areas where continuous operating voltage are unsteady. They can automatically sealing multiple types of vessels. They are useful for sealing vessels made of PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, glass and porcelain and so on, but effective for sealing metal bottles and caps. These machines can be used for hermetical sealing of bottles with aluminum foils for industries of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, petrochemicals, cosmetics and chemical engineering and so on for the purpose of sealing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft.

It is suitable for plastic, glass and other non-metallic packaging containers in medicine, chemical industry, food, beverage, cosmetics and other industries

For examples:
Honey, health care products, drugs, medicine products, pesticide, lubricant oil, etc. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, jar, buckets, and so on.

Technical Parameters
Machine name
Desktop continuous aluminum foil sealing machine
Input power
1.2Kw adjustable
Output power
Conveying speed
Sealing diameter
Bottle height
20-300mm, special requirement can be customized
Bottle diameter
20-75mm, special requirement can be customized
Product capacity
0-600 pcs / hour, according to bottle and cap sizes
Power supply
Single-phase, AC110V /220V, Globally customized
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature: 10-40℃; Relative Humidity <80%

Main Features


1) With the unique tunnel design, this kind induction sensor can increase the sealing speed.Even the flip cap can be sealing perfectly. 2) According to client demand, The induction sensor can be design to turn, in order to for difference bottle size. very small cap bottle and large cap bottle can be sealing by one machine, saving the cost. 3) Height of induction sensor is adjustable and flexible for a range of bottle height. 4) All heating parts of the machine adopt forced air cooling technology, which makes the equipment more compact and reasonable. The stability of the equipment is enhanced and the production efficiency is improved. 5) Sealing Fast and efficient. The induction heating foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or powder contamination on sealing area. 6) Full modular component design, can be against moisture, erosion, dust and magnetism, minimizes maintenance requirements and increase the rease. 7) When the machine breaks down, the conveyor belt stops automatically. 8) With stainless steel body, meet the GMP demand. 9) Equipped with visual voltmeter and induction ammeter, observe the working state and voltage state of the machine. 10) All functions are marked on the panel clearly. Operation is very convenience. 11) Host with integration design, it can be easy install easily.

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