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Automatic Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine

  • Function:Wash can with air or water
  • Capacity:3000-10000BPH
  • Packaging Material:Metal, Glass, Aluminum
 Boost Productivity with the HYWB-100L Automatic Can Rinsing Equipment

Product introduction

Can rinsing machine is linear channel type. It is mainly used for inner rinsing of cans and has the advantages of low energy consumption, fast speed, low water consumption, convenient and reliable use. bottle washing machine is a kind of bottle washing machine designed according to the actual needs of current users, which combines the structural principle of bottle washing abroad. It can use water and air to rinsing bottles. Rinsing bottle washing machine is widely used in bottle inside washing of food, beverage, daily chemical, agricultural chemical, food, personal care and pharmaceutics industry.


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HYWB-100L Automatic Linear Channel Type Can Rinsing Machine

Techinical parameters
Linear Arrangement Can Rinsing Machine
Rinsing fuction
Channel type
Can size
Diameter: Φ50mm-Φ100mm Height: 80mm-280mm(Customized) 
Opening size
Can type
50ml-1000ml PET can, aluminium can, tin can, etc
(bigger volume can be customized also)
Water pressure
Power supply
220V/110V ;50/60HZ

Main Features

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. 

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) Stable performance, fast speed.

4) Running in a high Automation and Intelligence, no pollution 
5) It is suitable for washing round cans of various sizes, with wide applicability.
6) The bottle is washed with water and gas, and the washed cans are sanitary and clean.

7) Apply a linker to connect with the other machines like filling machine, capping machine, etc.

8) Widely used in packing field like chemical, food, medicine, chemical industries.


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