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Automatic Bottle Unscrambing Machine

  • Function: sorting bottles
  • Capacity:10000-20000bph
  • Suitable for:PET bottles, plastic bottles
 High-speed Plastic Bottle Orienter HYLP-20

Product introduction

High speed bottle unscrambling machine is suitable for unscrambling polyester bottles and make them in one line, then discharge them by vacuum conveyor, its features are as followed; PLC program controlling;digit show speed; automatic High-speed operation, easy to combine with all kinds of filler or filling production line. It is mold type, suitable for bottle sizes from 100~1500ml, or customized more by changing molds. Suitable for: agro chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food industries such as plastic bottles automatically unscramble bottle and transportation.

Product Application

High-speed bottle unscrambling machine, flat bottle unscrambling machine, round bottle unscrambler machine, square bottle unscrambling machine, PET bottle unscrambler machine, PE bottle unscrambling machine, HDPE bottle unscrambling machine, plastic bottle unscrambler machine, drinking water bottle unscrambling machine, mineral water bottle unscrambling machine, soda water bottle unscrambler machine, carbonated drink bottle unscrambling machine, sprite bottle unscrambling machine, cola bottle unscrambling machine, juice bottle unscrambler machine, tea drink unscrambler machine, function drink unscrambling machine, coffee liquid bottle unscrambling machine.
Technical Parameters
Applicable bottle diameter
Bottle Diameter: Φ 30-Φ 100 can be customized
Height of bottle
Production capacity
5000~20000 bottles/hour
Electricity power supply
380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, customized
Bottle elevator 300x120x250mm
Main body 220 x220x200cm

 Machine Display

Main Features

1) Simple structure in rotary type ,easy in installation and maintenance. 

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts. 

3) Stable performance, fast speed, change bottles in a short time within 10 minutes.

4) Running in a high automation and Intelligence, no pollution. 

5) Apply a linker to connect with the conveyor, which can directly inline with filling machine

6) Widely used in packing field like food, medicine, chemical industries.

Click here to view HYLP-20 Automatic Bottle Unscrambing Machine running video on YouTube


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