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Automatic Liquid Digital Type Filling Machine Floor-stand Type

  • Model: HYTF-10FS
  • Nozzles No.: 4pcs~12pcs
  • Filling amount: 10ml-1500ml customized
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Liquid Digital filling machine Technical Description
This series of filling machine adopts PLC to control the touch screen man-machine interface, which makes the filling machine more stable in performance and more flexible in operation. The machine has the advantages of high filling accuracy, convenient installation and debugging, simple cleaning and maintenance, etc. The parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel, all stainless steel frame, which has the characteristics of neatness, cleanliness, corrosion resistance and so on. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, edible oil, beverages, drinks, cosmetics and other industries, and is suitable for different types of low viscosity and no particles.

Main Technical Data
4,6,8,10,12pcs (other qty is customized)
200ml: Approx 1200
5ml-1500ml customized ( customized to fill more )
Suitable Bottles
Height: 100-280mm, Diameter: Φ30-110mm, (can be customized)
Dosing Pump
Magnetic pump (optional diaphragm pump and peristaltic pump)
Control method
Touch screen and PLC
Maximum suction distance
3 Meters
Maximum flow
6 Liters/minute
Power supply
110V/220V/1P 50/60Hz, customized globally

HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Bottle Liquid Digital filling machine Pictures
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Automatic Digital Liquor Filling Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Automatic Digital Liquid Dispensing Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Liquid Filling Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Digital Toner Filling Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine.jpg
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Toner Liquid Filling Machine Advantages.jpg
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Automatic Digital Liquid Filler is suitable for below bottle samples
Floor standing type liquid filling machine, fruit juice filling machine, beverage filling machine, drinking water filling machine, olive oil bottle filler, edible oil filling machine, engine oil filling machine, pesticide filling machine, essential oil dispensing equipment, aromatherapy liquid filling machine, etc.
HYTF-10FS Floor-stand Type Digital Liquid Filling Machine.jpg
Click here to view HYTF-10FS  Floor-stand Type Automatic Bottle Liquid filling machine running video on YouTube

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