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Automatic Single Head Vacuum Capping Machine

  • Model: HYSC-X30
  • Suitable bottle: Flat, Square, Hexagon and Round Glass Jar etc. Regular bottles
  • Speed capacity: 1500-1800 bottles/hour
 HYSC-X30Automatic Single Head Vacuum capping machine Introduction
The single head vacuum capping machine integrates automatic lid sorting, lid loading, and automatic vacuuming and screwing. A vacuum pump is used to vacuum the sealed vacuum chamber to obtain a high degree of vacuum. No bottle, no cap, automatic alarm function for missing cap, high degree of automation, main pneumatic and electrical components adopt internationally renowned brands, stable and reliable performance, widely used in food cans, beverages, condiments, health products and other industries.
Main technical data
Capping capacity
Capping heads quantity
1 pc
Applicable cap diameter
30mm-110mm customized
Needed for glass jars with different size
Suitable for bottle height
Vacuum degree
Total Power
Air consumption
0.6m³ / 0.7Mpa
Rotary cover torsion
Power supply
AC220V/110V/380V/415V, Single phase or three phases customized
HYSC-X30 Automatic Linear Vacuum capping machine Pictures

HYSC-X30 Automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine
Automatic Jam Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine HYSC-X30
Quality Automatic Honey Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine HYSC-X30
HYSC-X30 Vacuum capping machine real shot

HYSC-X30Automatic Single Head Vacuum capping machine Application

Suitable bottle shape has round, square, polygon, all kinds of special shape, strong applicability; is an ideal glass bottle automatic vacuum twist-on glass jar capping machine, widely used in food and beverage, sauce, seasoning, medicine, health products and other fields.
For examples: vacuum capping machine, sauce glass jar vacuum capping machine, beef sauce glass jar vacuum capping machine, jam glass jar vacuum capping machine, fruit meet jar glass jar vacuum capping machine, chilli sauce glass jar vacuum capping machine, ketchup glass jar vacuum capping machine, juice glass jar vacuum capping machine, honey glass jar vacuum capping machine, etc, any food contained glass jars vacuum capping machinery.
Glass Jars Vacuum Single Head Capping Machine Automatic HYSC-X30 Manufactuer HengYuan
Click here to view Automatic Glass Jar Twist-off Lug Lid Vacuum capping machine running video on youtube

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