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Automatic Vertical Carton Erector

  • Model: HYCO-100
  • Function: Open carton and back cover
  • Speed: 6-10 cartons/minute
HYCO-100 Automatic Vertical Carton Erector Description
Automatic unpacking and forming, and bending of lower bottom flaps. And complete the lower part of the adhesive tape, automatically open the box board folded into cardboard, fold the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure, seal it with adhesive tape, and then deliver it to the special equipment of the box loader. Automatic unpacking machine is an assembly line equipment for automatically unpacking large quantities of cartons, automatically folding the lower lid and automatically sealing the adhesive tape at the bottom. This machine is controlled by PLC+ display screen, which greatly facilitates operation, reduces production personnel and labor intensity, and is an essential equipment for automatic scale production. Easy to operate and reduce the packaging cost.

Main Features

1) Semi-automatic adjustment, saves time and labor. 2) Imported parts and electrical components are selected, which can be automatically clamped according to carton specifications, and are suitable for multiple specifications to be used at the same time.
3) This machine has precise and firm structure, smooth operation, long service life, outside the standard specifications, and can accept non-standard design. 4) Automatic unpacking and back sealing are completed at the same time, which is convenient, fast and adaptable.
5) Simple operation, manual adjustment, quickness and convenience, and improved work efficiency. 6) Using PLC control program, the degree of system automation is improved, the packaging speed is greatly improved, and the production process requirements are met.
7) Graphic interface, with instruction for machine adjustment, easy to understand, with emergency stop switch, convenient and stable. 8) The vertical cardboard storage mode is adopted, which can replenish cardboard boxes at any time, without stopping the machine. When there is a shortage of cardboard boxes in the material rack, an automatic warning prompt will be given. 9) Every accessory is strictly produced, durable and practical, the suction box is stable, and the carton does not fall. 10) Quality conveyor beltThick, durable, long service life, stable and reliable conveying quality for carton and back cover.

Main technical data
Carton storage qty
100pcs (100cm)
Carton size
L:200-450 W:150-400 H:100-350mm
Cartoning capacity
Stick tape width
Air pressure
Air comsuption
Electricity supply
220V/110V, 50/60Hz, customized globally
Power supply
Machine weight
HYCO-100 Automatic Vertical Carton Erector Picture
HYCO-100 Automatic carton erector
HYCO-100 Automatic carton erector machine
HYCO-100 Automatic carton opening machine
HYCO-100 Automatic carton erector equipment
HYCO-100 Automatic carton opener
HYCO-100 Automatic carton opening and bottom sealer

HYCO-100 Automatic Vertical Carton Erector Application
Carton erector, carton opening machine, carton opener, automatic carton erecting machine, automatic carton opening machine, vertical carton erector

HYCO-100 Automatic carton erecting equipment

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