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Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Eliminating Machine

  • Model: HYD-M400
  • Detecting target: Metal, iron, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Key words: metal detector
Technical description
The core part of the food metal detector adopts an intelligent computer control system, which is used to detect metal impurities and metal foreign objects in food, bread, steamed buns, dumplings, biscuits and other products, as well as pharmaceuticals, toys, clothing, footwear, chemicals, leather, knitting and other industries. Detect metal impurities mixed in products or raw materials during production and processing. Such as: iron and non-ferromagnetic metal items (non-ferrous metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. can be detected), improve the product coefficient and improve the quality of enterprise products.

Main Features

◆ Easy and intelligent operation: wide LCD and wizard interface, users can easily set and operate
◆ Hardware configuration: The metal detector adopts dual high-speed digital signal processor design, which has relatively high detection accuracy and high-speed processing speed
◆  Product effect suppression: multi-frequency design, intelligent self-learning, 3D detection algorithm and other advanced technologies can effectively suppress product effect
◆ Core technology: The metal detector adopts DDS frequency synthesis and DSP digital signal processing. Reliable data: The secondary user management mode and FRAM storage technology ensure that there will be no problems with system parameters and data.
◆ Good manufacturing process: The metal detector adopts all stainless steel probes and racks, with a variety of protection levels for customers to choose from, adapting to various production environments
◆ Anti-deviation design of conveyor belt: The special anti-deviation design scheme of conveyor belt can effectively avoid deviation of conveyor belt
◆ Rejection device: Equipped with a blocking arm type, blowing type, flap type, lifting belt type and other rejection devices

Main technical data
Digital type metal detector
Detection sensitivity
in empty state:Fe≥φ1.0mm,Non-Fe≥φ1.5mm,Sus304≥φ2.5mm
Effective detection of the hole width
Effective detection of the hole height
Delivery capacity:
Maximum conveyor belt speed
Transfer direction
Left to right (facing the screen)
Conveyor height
Alarm method
Alarm shutdown, buzzer alarm or elimination mechanism can be optional costs
Material of conveyor belt
Food grade PU belt
Protection grade
Display and operation mode
LCD display key input ( touch screen is optional )
Power requirement
220v/110v, 50/60hz, globally customized
Main material
HYD-M400 Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Eliminating Machine Picture

HYD-M400 Metal Detection Machine
HYD-M400 Food Security Detection Conveyor Belt Metal Detector Machine
HYD-M400 Conveyor Belt Metal Detecting Machine
Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Eliminating Machine
HYD-M400 Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Machine

HYD-M400 Metal Detection Machine Structure
HYD-M400 Food Metal Detection Machine
HYD-M400 Good Quality Metal Detection Machine

HYD-M400 Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Eliminating Machine Application

1. It is used in various automated assembly lines and logistics conveying systems to identify foreign metal objects (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) mixed in the production process of food, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, etc., even if the fine metal is embedded in the product. can be detected. 2. In addition, it can directly replace manual inspection, so as to improve production efficiency and product consistency and reliability.

HYD-M400 Automatic Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Machine
Chemical industry metal detector, Food industry metal detector, Healthcare industry metal detection machine, Plastic industry metal detection equipment, Packing industry metal detecting machine, Textile industry metal detecting equipment, etc.

HYD-M400 Metal Detector

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