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Full Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Technical Description
Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid and the materials alike, into plastic and composite metal tubes and then internally heating tubes, sealing and printing lot number.
It is used in the industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetic and daily chemicals . With touch screen and PLC control system employed, convenient, visualized and reliable non-touch operation of the machine is effected compact design and auto tube feed. Driving part fully-closed.Tube feeding, marking identification, filling, hot air sealing, code printing, trimming and ejecting out the tube conducted by automatic systerm.
Tube feeding is conducted pneumatically, accuratly and reliably. Auto picketage effected by photoelectric inductance. Easy adjustment and dismantling .Intelligent temp.control and cooling system makes operation easy and sealing reliable. With easy and quick adjustment, it is suitable for using multiple kinds of soft tubes for filling.
The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel, clean, sanitary and conforming to CMP . With safety device, the machine is shut down when the door is opened. and filling carried out only with tubes fed.

Main Technical Data
  • Filling volume: 1-250ml/unit (Adjustable)
  • Filling accuracy: ≦±1﹪
  • Capacity: 1800-3600unit/hour, Adjustable
  • Tube diameter: Φ10-50 mm
  • Tube length: 50-200mm
  • Hopper volume: 40L
  • Power: 380V/220V (Optional)
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
  • Equipped motor: 1.1KW
  • Heating power: 3kw
  • Inner wind motor: 0.37kw
  • Convulsions motor: 0.37kw
  • Dimension: 1950×900×1750(mm)
  • Weight: About 600Kg

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Pictures


Automatic Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Effect

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