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HYLP-100A-C Automatic Plastic Dropper Bottle Unscrambler Machine to Indonesia PT. AGMAC

In 2021, PT. AGMAC, a leading Indonesian company, embarked on a mission to enhance their production line efficiency and streamline their operations. Recognizing the need for a high-quality bottle unscrambler, they turned to Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. and invested in the HYLP-100A-C Automatic Small Bottle Unscrambler. Little did they know that this decision would not only meet but exceed their expectations, setting the stage for a remarkable partnership and tremendous growth.

From the moment PT. AGMAC received the HYLP-100A-C, they were immediately impressed by the machine's superior quality. Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.'s commitment to delivering top-notch equipment was evident, leaving a lasting impression on the customer. The bottle unscrambler's robust construction and attention to detail instilled confidence in PT. AGMAC, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

As PT. AGMAC put the HYLP-100A-C into operation, they were astounded by its smooth and fast performance. The machine seamlessly unscrambled small bottles, eliminating the need for manual sorting and significantly improving productivity. The seamless operation and enhanced efficiency had a profound impact on PT. AGMAC's production processes, enabling them to meet increasing demands and achieve their goals.

The customer's satisfaction with the HYLP-100A-C was a testament to the machine's reliability and performance. Its ability to deliver consistent results allowed PT. AGMAC to optimize their production line and reduce errors, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

In 2023, recognizing the continued partnership with Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd., PT. AGMAC decided to further enhance their production capabilities. They sought a bottle orienter to accommodate 15ml and 30ml plastic bottles, streamlining their sorting process and maximizing efficiency. By providing bottle samples for customization, PT. AGMAC outlined their specific requirements.

Responding promptly to PT. AGMAC's needs, Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. customized the HYLP-100A-C bottle unscrambler to incorporate two sets of star wheel plates. The seamless integration of these plates allowed the machine to efficiently sort and orient both 15ml and 30ml plastic bottles. The skilled craftsmen at Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. meticulously polished each component, ensuring that the machine ran smoothly and flawlessly.

To ensure the machine's performance and reliability, a comprehensive fatigue test was conducted. The test simulated real-world conditions, guaranteeing that the bottle orienter met PT. AGMAC's stringent requirements. A video recording of the test was shared with the customer, showcasing the machine's exceptional operation and further solidifying their satisfaction and trust.

PT. AGMAC's positive feedback and excitement to utilize the customized bottle orienter were a testament to their confidence in Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. and the company's commitment to delivering top-quality solutions. After finalizing the payment, the machine was meticulously packed, ready for sea transportation to Indonesia.

Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. prides itself on its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company's goal of providing customers with satisfactory machines shines through in their successful partnership with PT. AGMAC. By delivering high-quality, customized solutions tailored to PT. AGMAC's specific requirements, Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. enabled their customer to optimize their production line and achieve exceptional results.

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HYLP-100A-C Automatic Small Bottles Unscrambling Machine
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HYLP-100A-C Automatic Small Bottles Unscrambling Machine Application
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