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Hand Hold Semi-automatic Screwing Capping Machine

  • Capping speed:10-40BPM
  • Capping capacity:10-40pcs/min
  • Packaging Material:Plastic, Metal, Glass

OS-600 Hand Hold Screwing Lid Bottle Capping Machine

Product Introduction

This machine adopts an imported motor, which is flexible in response and powerful in power. It does not damage the bottle cap, and the clutch point control can also prevent problems such as twisting and slipping the threads of the cap. Once tightened, the machine automatically stops, indicating that you can proceed to the next operation. The inner plug of the rotary cap is made of imported PU glue, chemically known as polyurethane, commonly known as beef tendon glue. It is made according to the specific requirements of the bottle cap, durable, elastic, and very good for gripping the bottle cap. It provides protection for bottle caps and does not damage them. After years of trial use, it has been found that the lifespan of the silicone pad capping head is about 50 times longer than that of ordinary ones.

Product Application


1) Standard lid: 10-50 mm flat top (Standard price) 2) Customized lid: 50-100 mm flat top lid and other abnormal shape (Quotation after inquiry)

Technical Parameters
Capping capacity
Applicable cap diameter
10-50mm (standard)
50-100mm (customized)
Suitable for bottle size
Height: None limitation
Capping method
Total Power
Rotating Speed of Motor
Power supply
AC220V/110V, Single phase

Main Features

1) Handsome appearance, smart and fast cover speed, high pass rate. 

2) The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable structure.

3) Adopting hand hold capping, convenient and efficient.

4) Speed adjustable from 600-2400 pcs per hour according to speed of operator.

5) The design is novel and original, the mechanical torque control is intelligent, and the operation and adjustment are very convenient.

6) Capping height no limitation.

7) Lock over wide range of different shapes sizes lockable lids.

Click here to view OS-600 Handheld Rotating Capping Machine running video on YouTube

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