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Inline Structure Automatic Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine

  • Model: HYWB-300L-4
  • Rinsing Heads No.: 4/6/8/10/12/16pcs customized
  • Rinsing speed: 500-2000BPH
HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Linear Structure Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine | Water Or Cleaning Air Washer Technical Description
It is mainly used for washing drinks, drinks and glass bottles, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, low water consumption, convenient and reliable use. bottle washing machine is a kind of bottle washing machine designed according to the actual needs of current users, which combines the structural principle of bottle washing abroad. It is connected with automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic coding machine, Carton filling packing machine, etc. Rinsing Bottle Washing Machine is widely used in bottle inside washing of daily chemical, agricultural chemical, food, personal care and pharmaceutics industry.
Main Technical Data

Linear Arrangement Bottle Rinsing Machine
Rinsing head
4/6/8/10/12/16pcs customized
Bottle size
Diameter: Φ40mm-Φ110mm Height: 80mm-350mm(Customized) 
Mouth size
Bottle type
50ml-5000ml PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, aluminium bottle, etc
Capacity (1L)
500-1500BPH (4heads)
Water pressure
Air pressure
2CFM@90PSI Clean and stable air supply
Power supply
220V/110V; 50/60HZ
HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Inline Structure Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine Pictures
HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Linear Structure Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine
HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine
HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Bottle Rinser Washer Equipment.jpg

HYWB-300L-4 Automatic Bottle Rinsing  Machine.jpg

HYWB-300L-4+HYAP-S1000-2+HYXG-4C-D Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Line.jpg 
HYWB-300L-4 Linear Automatic Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine is suitable for below product samples

Automatic bottle washing machine, bottle rinsing machine, bottle water washing machine, bottle air washing machine, water pet bottle rinsing machine, juice glass bottle rinsing machine, glass jar rinsing machine, drinking beverage bottle rinsing machine, etc.

HYWB-300L-4 automatic Bottle Rinsing Machine
Click here to view Automatic Linear Structure Bottle Rinsing Washing Machine running video on YouTube

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