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L Shape Cuff Type Film Wrapping Packing Machine

  • Model: HYSW-150W
  • Function: Wrap commodity with film
  • Speed: 6-8 cartons/minute
HYSW-150W L Shape Cuff Type Film Wrapping packing machine Description
The machine is used to pack bottes with sleeve type PE film shrinking for medicine box, bottle, foodstuff, cosmetic, carton and so on. Its packing speed is 7-8 packs/min. It can finish all actions automatically like stuff-stacking, feeding, packing film feeding, sealing, shrinking and so on. The machine uses photoelectric control, frequency convert speed regulating, HMI and PLC to control. The malfunction can be shown automatically when the machine is running. It can be used separately or in line with automatic boxing machine, automatic labeling machine, carton filling machine.  

Main Features

1) Simple structure in horizontal type , easy in installation and maintenance. 

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) Accurate measuring to get excellent packing effect.

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution  

5) Specially designed for film wrapping bottles and shrink.

6) Economical price, suitable for both big and small manufacturers.

Main technical data
Feeding Horizontal Dimension
Film material
Film size
Film roller outer diamater
Max Packing Size
AC  3Phases
Air Pressure
Shrinking Speed
Overall Dimension
L6000*W3500*H2000 mm
Carbon steel
HYSW-150W L Shape Cuff Type PE Film Wrapping packing machine Picture
HYSW-150W L shape cuff type shrinkage wrapping packing machine
HYSW-150W L shape cuff type shrinkage wrapping packer
HYSW-150W Automatic L shape cuff type shrinkage wrapping packing machine
HYSW-150W L shape cuff type bottles shrinkage wrapping packing machine line
HYSW-150W L Shape Cuff Type Film Wrapping packing machine Application
L Shape Wrapping packing machine, Cuff Type PE Film Wrapper Packer, water bottles film wrapping packer, juice PET bottles wrapper packing machine, carbonated drinking bottles film packer, tea drinking bottles PE film packing machine, coffee drinking bottles wrapping packer, etc.
HYSW-150W L shape cuff type juice bottle shrinkage wrapping packing machine
Click here to view HYSW-150W bottle shrinkage wrapping packing machine running video on youtube

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