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Powder and Liquid PVA Pod Water-Soluble Film Packing Machine

  • Model: HYSR-244PL
  • Capacity: 1200-3000pcs/hour
  • Suitable for: Powder and liquid

Technical Description

Automatic PVA water-soluble film pods packing machine is a mould type unit dose powder and liquid pods forming, filling, sealing and cutting equipment. It is an automatic high capacity electrical heating sealing packing machine specially designed for high concentrated powder pods. It has good adaptability of water soluble PVA film. It is dosing by auger ( powder ) and gravity ( liquid ) . 

Main Technical Data    

  • Name: Water-soluble Film packing machine
  • Brand Name: HENGYUAN
  • Packing speed: Approx 20-50 bags/min
  • Volume: single chamber 5-30 grams by changing moulds
  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz can be customized globally
  • Pneumatic: 0.6mpa
  • Filling mold: 4x4 or 5x5
  • Application: Powder and liquid bead, powder capsule, liquid pod
  • Weight: 820kg
  • Dimension: 1800*1300*2400mm
  • Main steel of the machine: Stainless steel 304
  • Advantage: Dissolve fast, no residue, one-time use without any waste. The film is non-toxic, and will be dissolved into water and carbon dioxide.
  • The film is antistatic and with good tensile strength and no dust. The machine adopts heat sealing, and it is with good sealing properties.

Cup Dosing Powder and Granules Pods PVA Water-Soluble Film packing machine pictures

HYSR-244PL Automatic Powder and Liquid PVA Beads Packing Machine
HYSR-244PL Automatic Powder and Liquid PVA Film Beads Packing Machine
HYSR-244PL Automatic Powder and Liquid PVA Capsules Packing Machine

HYSR-244PL Automatic Powder and Liquid Dishwasher PVOH Beads Packing Machine
HYSR-244PL  Powder and Liquid PVOH Beads Packing Machine

Detergent Powder and Liquid Pods PVA Water-Soluble Film Pouch packing machine is suitable for below pouch samples

The machine is particulary suitable for packing high concentrated detergent powder and liquid pod, liquid laundry detergent beads, laundry powder pods, dishwashing powder pod, dishwashing powder and liquid pod, plumbing agent powder bead,  color bleaching powder capsules, toilet bowl cleaner powder pods, liquid laundry detergent pod, and some other powder and liquid contents small dose single chamber packs.It is a preferred packing way of product upgrade.

HYSR-244PL Automatic Detergent Powder and Liquid PVA Pods Packing Machinery

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Detergent Powder and Liquid Pods PVA Water-Soluble Film Pouch Making packing machine running video on YouTube
1. Powder and liquid pod packing

2. Powder packing

3. Liquid packing

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