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Semi Automatic Label-off Bottle Washing Machine


Technical description
Semi-automatic de-labeling and bottle-brushing washing machine equipment is a new type of bottle-brushing equipment put into market after many years of trial-manufacture and modification, which has the characteristics of strong applicability, low failure rate and obvious reduction of vulnerable parts. This label-off glass bottle washing machine is used for recycled bottle or new bottle washing and cleaning. This machine is easy to operate, economical and practical. With this equipment, workers can be freed from heavy manual bottle brushing operation, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


This equipment is used for cleaning glass bottles such as liquor, sparkling wine, soda water, etc. It is especially suitable for cleaning bottles inside and outside of recycling bottles and removing standards.
1. Both external standard and internal standard are scrubbed at the same time, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
2. Reasonable design, small size, stable performance, reliable, high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
3. Special Requirements for the Use of Label-off Bottle Brushing Machine
(1) For round bottles
(2) The bottle must be soaked before it is put on the machine; because of oil quality and other serious pollution, the bottle should be soaked in warm alkali water or other chemicals separately before it can be put on the machine.

Main technical data

  • Number of bottle heads: 18/36
  • Production capacity: 2000 bottles/4000 bottles per hour
  • Applicable bottle length: customized according to user's needs
  • Bottle mouth diameter: 12mm-16mm
  • Bottle Diameter: 50mm-100mm (Replacement of Dial Wheel Die)
  • Total power: 3Kw-4KW/380V
  • Total weight: about 800kg
  • Shape size: 1400 mm * 1400 mm * 1500 mm

Semi-automatic Label-off bottle washing machine pictures

Stainless steel material, strong corrosion resistance

Semi-automatic bottle washing machinesemi-automatic recycled bottle washing machine

The outer brush is composed of steel wire brush, which can effectively and quickly remove the label of recycling bottle.

semi automatic wine bottle washing machine

According to the bottles of different diameters, the dialing wheel mould can be replaced to clean and remove the label.
recycled glass bottle washing machine

Semi-automatic Recycled Bottle Label-off and Washing Machine
is suitable for below product 

Semi automatic recycled glass bottle wet glue label peeling off and glass bottle washing machine

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