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Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive PP Material Filling Machine

  • Model: HYSG-AE
  • Nozzles No.: 1-4pcs customized
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid filling machine Technical Description

Semi-automatic filling machine's filling amount is controlled by time. Self flowing gravity filling from upper hopper of machine. Amount of filling required is determined through the on&off time of Pneumatic valve. Suitable for different bottle filling , such as water agent, pharmacy, high corrosive liquid(bleach liquid, 84 disinfection liquid, toilet clean fluid, Bleach liquid), daily chemical, pesticides, oil and other industries. With features, such as precise filling volume, no drip, pedal control switch.

Main features 

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) High anti-corrosive material is adopted to ensure long life usage.

4) Accurate measuring to get excellent filling effect.

5) Economic price is suitable for small capacity production.

Main Technical Data
Filling range
100-1000ml, 1-5liter, 5-30Liters customized
Filling nozzle diameter   

Customized according to bottle mouth 
  Filling Nozzles Qty   2pcs and 4pcs
Filling accuracy
Filling speed
0~24 bottles/minute according to bottle filling volume
Control method
Working air pressure
Operation voltage
220V or 110V, Single phase
Electricity consumption

Semi Automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid filling machine Pictures
HYSG-AE-4 Semi-automatic anti-corrosive filling machine.jpg
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Liquid Bleach Filling MachineHYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Filling Machinery.jpg

HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid Filler.jpgHYSG-AE-4 Semi-automatic anti-corrosive Sodium Hypochlorite Solution filler.jpg
HYSG-AE-2 Semi-automatic anti-corrosive filling machine.jpg
HYSG-AE-2 Semi-automatic 20L liquid bleach filling machine.jpgHYSG-AE-2 Semi-automatic anti-corrosive toilet bowl cleaner filling machine.jpg

HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid Dispensing Machine.jpg
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Filling Machine.jpg
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid Filling Equipment.jpg

HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Liquid Bleach Filling Machinery.jpg
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Toilet Bowl Cleaner Filler.jpg

HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Bottle Filling Machine.jpg

HYSG-AE Economical Type Anti-corrosive Filling Machine Touch Screen.jpg
HYSG-AE Semi-automatic Anti-corrosive Liquid Dispensing Equipment.jpg

Semi Automatic bleach / javel / toilet bowl cleaner filling machine suitable samples
Anti-corrosive liquid filling machine, bleach filling machine, javel filling machine, toilet bowl cleaner filling machine
HYSG-AE Economical Type Anti-corrosive Toilet Bowl Cleaner Filling Machine.jpg

Click here to view Semi Automatic PP Material Made filling machine running video on YouTube

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