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Semi-automatic Linear Bottle Negative Pressure Filling Machine

  • Model: HYSN-L
  • Nozzles No.: 2,4,6,8pcs
  • Filling range: 100ml-1500ml (customized)
  • Filling type: Negative Pressure Siphon

HYSN-L Semi-automatic Linear Negative Pressure filling machine Technical Description

It is a newly designed filling machine, which is designed according to the problems of foaming and liquid overflow when filling with a certain concentration, and is especially suitable for filling wine, soy sauce, vinegar pesticides, etc. This machine adopts siphon principle, sealed filling, accurate recording, and is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped bottles. A batch of bottles of the same specification need not be adjusted, and the liquid level is consistent.

Main feature

1) It is suitable for liquid quantification of various bottle types, especially those of the same specification and different heights.
2) It is suitable for all kinds of liquids, and can be used for all kinds of wine, beverages, water, soy sauce, liquid medicines, etc. that do not contain carbon dioxide gas. Mainly used for filling liquid with certain concentration and easy foaming.
3) The machine is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, long in service life, simple in maintenance and convenient in operation.
4) The motor power is small, the power consumption is low, and the price is low.
5) The parts of the machine in contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure that the liquid is not polluted and corroded. The appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and generous, and it meets the food hygiene standards.
6) The adjustment range of bottle specifications is large, easy to adjust, and the bottle height is 150-350 mm.
7) No bottle no filling, set the liquid level and stop filling automatically. The inherent fragrance of the liquid will not spill.
8) The filling plug will never drop, keep flowing, and will not return liquid.
9) Easy to use, no need to suck, just put the filling nozzle down to form siphon filling before the first use.
10) A variety of nozzles with different sizes to meet the customer's requirements for production.

HYSN-L Semi-automatic Linear Bottle Negative Pressure filling machine Technical Data

Filling range
100-1000ml ( other volume can be customized
Filling heads qty (standard)
Optional filling heads qty
2pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs
Filling nozzle outer diameter
Customized according to bottle mouth
Filling accuracy
≤±1mm ( liquid level)
Filling speed (4 filling heads)
500~1000 bottles/hour according to bottle filling volume
Bottle height
160-350mm ( other height can be customized)
Bottle mouth diameter
Operation voltage
220V or 110V, Single phase
Electricity consumption
0.37kw (liquid feeding pump)

HYSN-L Semi-automatic Linear Bottle Negative Pressure Wine filling machine Pictures

HYSN-L Semi-automatic Siphon Type Liquid filling machine
HYSN-L Semi-automatic Siphon Type Wine Bottle filling machine
HYSN-L Semi-automatic Vinegar filling machine
HYSN-L Siphon Type Fruit Juice Bottle filling machine
HYSN-L Siphon Type Fruit Wine Bottle filling machine
HYSN-L Semi-automatic soy sauce bottle filling machine
HYSN-L Semi-automatic water bottle filling machine
HYSN-L Semi-automatic whisky filling machine

HYSN-L Semi-automatic Bottle Negative Pressure Liquid filling machine is suitable for below bottle samples

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HYSN-L Semi-automatic bottle filling machine application
Click here to view HYSN-L Semi-automatic Linear Negative Pressure filling machine running video on YouTube

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