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Semi-automatic Soft Tube Tail Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

  • Model: HYTS-120
  • Sealing station no.: 1pc
  • Sealing method: Ultrasonic Sealing

HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Ultrasonic Tail Sealing Machine Technical Description

HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Ultrasonic Tail Sealing Machine is suitable for sealing plastic composite and aluminum plastic tubes, emboss stamp lot number.
It is used in the industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetic and daily chemicals . With touch screen and the PLC control system employed, convenient, visualized and reliable non-touch operation the machine is effected compact design. Manually feeding tubes, expanding tube opening, marking identification, ultrasonic sealing, code embossing, trimming by automatic system, manually take products. The high frequency ultrasonic acts on the two surfaces of the tubes and the heat generated by the vibration causes these two surfaces to be welded together tightly, the strength of welding area is the same as other area of the plastic. No need adhesive or heating. Replace the traditional hot pressing or bonding process, Low cost, no pollution and no damage to tubes. The materials is made of stainless steel, clean, sanitary and conforming to GMP.

Main Technical Data

Production capacity
Tube dia.
Tube height
Safety protection
overload protection
Rejection rate
< 1%
Tube tail sealing
Ultrasonic frequency
Station qty
Suitable tube
Single layer tube or Double layers tube
Tube material
Plastic composite pipe, aluminum plastic pipe
Automatic identification system
No pipe, no tail sealing
Compressed air
86(L) x 64(W) x 66(H) cm
Net weight
General power supply
AC 220V/110V(Optional), Single phase, Globally customized

HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Ultrasonic Tail Sealing Machine Pictures

HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Sealing Machinery.jpg
HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Tail Sealing Machine.jpg
HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Cream Soft Tube Sealing Machine.jpg
HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Hand Cream Soft Tube Sealing Machine.jpg

Semi-automatic Soft Tube Tail Sealer for Toothpaste.jpg
HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Facial Cleanser Soft Tube Sealing Machine.jpg

HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Ultrasonic Tail Sealing Machine is suitable for below bottle samples

Tube material: plastic soft tube, aluminum plastic or plastic laminate tube
For examples: ointment soft tube tail sealing machine, adhesives tube sealing machine, AB glue plastic tube ultrasonic sealing machine, Neoprene soft tube sealer, epoxy glue aluminum plastic tube tail sealing machine, skin cream soft tube sealer, hair cream tube sealing machine, boots oil tube tail sealer, toothpaste tube semi-automatic sealing machine, hand cream soft tube sealing equipment, etc.  

Semi-automatic Soft Aluminum Plastic Tube Tail Sealing Machine Model HYTS-120

Click here to view HYTS-120 Semi-automatic Soft Tube Ultrasonic Tail Sealing Machine running video on YouTube

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