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Small VFFS Vertical Granules Packing Machine

  • MODEL: HYVF-280G
Technical Description
Small VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic granules packing machine is a new type packaging machine developed for small sachet packing widely used in all kinds of industries of agricultural, foodstuff, pharmacy,   fertilizer etc. Vertical Form Seal automatic packaging machine integrates bag-forming, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, punching, counting, etc. into one, its packaging rate can reach 25~60 times/minute. The kernel control section of the packaging machine adopts PLC and touch screen. The automation degree and operating reliability of this system has reached domestic advanced level. In addition, this packaging machine can realize quick changeover between continuous bag packaging and separate bag packaging, thus improving flexibility of field use. It can be connected with material elevator, output conveyor, metal detector, afterward-packaging equipment to form a fully automatic packaging streamline.
By using cup measuring method, it can pack all kinds of granules(grain) material, such as jelly beans, chocolate beans, sachet sugar stick, coffee, salt, flavouring, seasoning, sunflower seeds, puffed food, nuts, tea, herbs, peanuts, beans, rice, grains, screws and so on

Machine features:
1. Vffs small sachet packing machine can finish all the work automatically: measuring--making bag -coding(option)-materials filling—gas injection(option)--sealing—counting;
2. Micro Computer PLC control system,photoelectric tracking ,which improve the control precision, reliability and intelligence at the maximum limit;
3.Has fault display system,easy to operate and maintain;
4.Make hole punching blade after customer's special request;
5.Full stainless steel or carbon steel machine body for choice.

Main Technical Data    
Model: HYVF-280G
Pouch length: 50-150mm
Pouch width: 15-130mm
Packing accuracy: ≤±1%
Power: 1.6kw
Power supply: 220V/50hz
Sealing method: three sides/ four sides, back sides
Net weight: 300kg
Machine size: L600xW790xH1800mm

Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic packaging machine pictures

VFFS granules packing machine
small vertical form fill seal packing machine
VFFS cup measuring pouch packing machine

Product conveyor and collection device

Vertical packing machine product conveyor and collection device

Vertical Form Fill Seal automatic granules packing machine is suitable for below pouch samples

vffs grain pouch packing machine

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