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Semi-automatic Table Top Single Head Pressing Capping Machine

  • Model: HYYG-20
  • Application cap: Pressing-on lids
  • Capping head qty: 1pc
  • Power: Pneumatic
HYYG-20 Semi-automatc Desktop Pneumatic capping machine Introduction
Semi-automatic desktop pneumatic pressing-on capping machine is kind of machine which used in capping various bottles. It is compose of two main devices: capping system and pneumatic control. This machine serves air compression as power producer, taking advantage of air compression to achieve efficient one-time sealing. 

Main Technical Data

Locking head type
Maximum bottle height
Production capacity
Capping types 
Pneumatic pressing down
Input air tube size
Net weight

HYYG-20 Semi-automatc Desktop Pneumatic Bottle capping machine Pictures

HYYG-20 Semi automatic desktop single head pressing capping machine
Desktop pressing-on capping machine single head Semi-automatic Model HYYG-20 pressing-on capping machine HYYG-20 Semi-automatic table top single head
bottle capping machine HYYG-20 Semi-automatic desktop single head pressing-on cooking oil pet bottle pressing-on capping machine HYYG-20 Semi-automatic table top
one head pressing capping machine HYYG-20 Semi-automatic desktop manufacturerDesktop single head pressing-on capper HYYG-20 from China
sealing machines single head pressing-on Table top
Semi-automatic pressing-on bottle capping machines Manufacturer HENGYUAN HYYG-20
bottle capping machines Semi-automatic pneumatic single head pressing-on

Semi-automatic single head pressing-on capping machines

Semi-automatic single head snap-on lid capping machines HYYG-20
cover pressing-on capping machines HYYG-20 Semi automatic single head
Semi-automatic pressing-on capping machine table top one head
shampoo bottle capping machines HYYG-20 Semi-automatic one head pressing-on

Air Compressor for Semi-automatic desktop single head pressing-on bottle capping machine
HYYG-20 Desktop Pneumatic Single Head capping machine is suitable for below bottle samples

Pnumatic bottle lid pressing-on capping machine, Soy sauce bottle snap-on lid capping machine semi automatic, edible oil pet bottle snap-on lid sealing machine, spray aluminium bottle out lid capping machine, glass bottle snap-on lid capping machine, metal bottle anti-dust cover pressing-on capping machine, etc.
HYYG-20 Semi automatic table top single head pressing capping machine

HYYG-20 Semi-automatc Table Top Single-head capping machine running video on YouTube

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