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Automatic efficient linear capping machine

  • Model: HYXG-6XT-C
  • Capping Wheels No.: 6 pcs
  • Working Method: (Cap Unscrambling) and Capping
  • Bottle working method: non-stop
  • Capping Speed: 3000-8000 bottles/hour
HYXG-6XT-C Automatic efficient six wheels linear capping machine Technical Description 
Automatic Inline HMI Controlled Screwing Type Bottle capping machine For Thread Cap is a new generation of products we introduced and developed, what is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, oil and pesticides for automatic rotary sealing, in the production line. It can also configure transport aircraft alone. Its most prominent feature is that it can adapt to all shapes and types of the bottle just by adjusting without any additional parts. It is equipped with international advanced Lid cover equipment and of high production efficiency. Torque of each capping head is adjustable. The machine meets the GMP requirements, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.
Automatic capping machine is suitable for screwing and sealing plastic caps of plastic bottles such as pure water bottles, mineral water bottles, carbonated soda cola bottles, juice beverage bottles, etc. It has perfect performance, reliable work, convenient operation and easy maintenance. It is widely used in all kinds of automatic packaging lines of wine, food, beverage medicine, chemical industry, reagents, pesticides, etc. It is one of the ideal automatic screw sealing devices in China at present.
1.Used for flat top plastic and metal screwing cap.
2.Used for the cap with the tube, pump cap, spray cap, trigger cap by manually put caps on the bottles.

Main Technical Data      
Capping capacity
0-8000bottles/hour according to bottle and lid sizes
Applicable cap diameter
15-70mm customized according to bottles
Suitable bottle diameter
20-90mm customized according to bottle sample
Suitable for bottle height
50-280mm customized according to bottle sample
Total Power
Power supply
AC220V/110V, Single phase
Air supply

HYXG-6XT-C Automatic high-efficient six wheels linear capping machine Pictures

HYXG-6XT-C Automatic Bottle Screwing Capping Machine
HYXG-6XT-C Automatic Pesticide Bottle  Capping Machinery
HYXG-6XT-C Automatic Plastic Bottle Screwing Capping Machinery
HYXG-6XT-C Automatic Spray Bottle Screwing Capping Machinery
Quality Automatic Bottle Capping Equipment Model HYXG-6XT-C
Automatic Bottle Capping Machine High-efficient Hengyuan Machinery
Automatic Bottle Trigger Lid Screwing Capping Equipment
Automatic Bottles Screwing Capping Machinery Model HYXG-6XT-C
Automatic Bottle Screwing Capping Machinery Real Shot HYXG-6XT-C
Automatic Bottle Screwing Capping Machinery Manufacturer

HYXG-6XT-C Automatic efficient six wheels capping machine 
 is suitable for below bottle samples
Plastic cap screwing capping machine, big diameter screwing lid capping machine, lug twist-off tinplate metal lid capping machine, pesticide bottles capping machine, lubricant barrel capping machine, medical alcohol bottles capping machine, PET bottle capping machine, pet juice bottle capping machine, drinking water bottle screwing capping machine, medical bottles cap sealing machine, etc.
22081001 HYXG-6XT-C Automatic Bottle Screwing Capping Machine.jpg

Click here to view HYXG-6XT-C Automatic efficient bottle capping machine running video on YouTube

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