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Weight Checker Elimination Machine

  • Model: HYWC-150
  • Sorting accuracy: ±0.1g
  • Key words: Weigher Elimination Machine
HYWC-150 Automatic Online Weight Checker Elimination Machine Technical description
The weight checker is a kind of high-speed and high-precision automatic on-line weight checking equipment, which can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems, and is mainly used for automatic on-line weight sorting, missing parts detection and weight classification of products. Also known as: weight sorter, weight sorter, weight sorter, checkweigher, checkweigher, checkweigher, checkweigher, automatic weighing machine, checkweigher, weighing sorter, weight rejection machine, etc. In addition, it can directly replace manual weighing and counting.

Main Features

1) Large color LCD touch screen interface, easy to operate, intuitive display.
2) Support multi-language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etc. (customer specified), the default is Chinese and English.
3) Can store 200 kinds of product testing data, user-friendly call.
4) USB data storage interface, the report data can be transferred to the PC for analysis and printing.
5) Parameter password protection, management personnel only. Automatic zero tracking system to ensure reliable test data.
6) Embedded temperature and noise compensation system to ensure system stability.
7) Online printing (customer needs custom).
8) Data external communication interface, can be connected to other equipment in the production line (eg: labeler and printer) (customer-specific).
9) A variety of removing device: lever type, air blown type, roller push rod type, belt push rod type, fall type, flap type, belt contraction type (to be customized).
10) Mechanical structure is simple, easy to disassemble and clean maintenance.

Main technical data
Weight Checker
Weighing method
weight sensor
Elimination device
Push rod type, Settlement type
Mode of operation
7-inch touch screen
Alarm mode
Buzzer and warning light
The highest sorting speed
Table size
Conveyor height
Sorting range
Sorting accuracy
Minimum scale
Product restrictions
length 200mm, width 150mm, height 3-200mm
Material of conveyor belt
Food grade PU belt
Power requirement
220v/110v, 50/60hz, globally customized
Main material
HYWC-150 Automatic Online Weight Checker Elimination Machine Picture
HYWC-150 Weight Checker
HYWC-150 Automatic Weight Checker
HYWC-150 Automatic Weight Checking Machine
HYWC-150 Weight Checking Machinery
HYWC-150 Automatic On-line Weigher
HYWC-150 Weight Checking Machines
HYWC-150 Weightchecker structure
HYWC-150 Online Weight Checker Equipment
HYWC-150 Online Weight Checking Machinery
HYWC-150 Automatic Online Weight Checker Elimination Machine Application
1. For a variety of automated assembly line and logistics system for automatic weight detection, the upper and lower limits to determine or grading grading,
2. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, toys, hardware, chemical and other industries online testing.
3. In addition you can directly replace the artificial weighing, in order to improve production efficiency and weighing consistency and reliability.
Online weight checker, automatic weightchecker, automatic weigher, weighing elimination machine, online weigher, etc. HYWC-150 Automatic Online Weight Checker Elimination Machine
 HYWC-150 Weight Checking Machine Application
Click here to view HYWC-150 Automatic Online Weight Checker Elimination Machine running video on youtube

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